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浓厚激越的蓝色苦艾酒与经典黑咖啡香调相幻化出令人迷幻沉醉的幽蓝光晕 夜色解除原始渴望的禁锢 与暗夜融为一体 #越夜越野

前调:蓝色苦艾酒 茴香酒 波森莓

中调:沙巴茉莉 橙花

尾调:黑咖啡 艾草 檀香 香草


WHAT IT IS An electrifying and bold interpretation of the iconic Black Opium signature. Notes of coffee surrounded by the thrill of absinthe and orange blossom. WHAT IT DOES Black Opium Eau de Parfum Intense is the stronger, bolder and more seductive take on the classic Eau de Parfum. The opening notes of adrenaline-rich coffee give way to a vibrant heart of delicate orange blossom, energized by a thrilling aura of blue absinthe. 

YSL Black Opium Eau de Parfum Intense

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