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About Us

  Our   Belief                   

There is no single format for beauty. Everyone is particularly wonderful and we might want to accomplice in her voyage to discover and improve it.

             OUR   MISSION           

We make beauty easy. We offer you the advantage of decisions between what is beneficial for you and what’s useful for you. We need you to encounter the delight of finding lovely items that appear to be made remembering you. We solidly keep out the mayhem of the commercial center and boudoir, swarmed with jugs and cylinders and containers.

Wego Beauty Inc

 WEGO Beauty INC. 

Wholesale Inquiries

For  Bulk order  or  Wholesale inquires, Please contact us :

Tel: 347-891-3388 / 929-290-3030


Wechat:  Wego77551 /   Wegoinc

RETAIL STORE:   775 51St  Street Brooklyn NY 11220

RETAIL STORE:   8 Bay 25th Street Brooklyn NY 11214

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

- Offline Payments

- Cash / Money Order / Check

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