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肌源焕活精萃水 【滋润型】



A 24-hour enriched softening lotion with antioxidants, anti-aging and moisturizing ingredients that infuses immediate hydration and balances skin for radiant, supple, healthy-looking skin prepped for skincare treatment.


• 采用深润"黑科技", 强化肌肤外层屏障,牢牢锁住肌肤的养分与水分。
• 添加蕴含丰富矿物质的温泉水,快速渗入到肌肤,有效调整角质平衡,并补充水分。
• 添加茶氨酸,舒缓肌肤,有效调节肌肤水油平衡。
• 添加无患子果皮提取物等植萃成分(香姜提取物、赤藓醇等),持续保持肌肤水润,焕亮肌肤。
• 适合肌肤类型:干性

Shiseido Treatment Softener Enriched [For Normal, Dry and Very Dry Skin]

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