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Wafood Made Face Mask

Which skin type is it good for?

* Dry
* Oily
* Combination
* Sensitive
* Normal

What it is:

– The Wafood Made Face Mask is a Japanese wash-off mask whose usage can be traced back to ancient Japanese history.

– This incredible Mask is made from Japanese cuisine ingredients like rice bran extracts, grapefruit seed extracts, sake lees essence, and cucumber extracts which intensively hydrate the skin.

– Through its essential ingredients like sake lees essence and natural spring water, the Mask hydrates and nourishes the skin. These ingredients also strengthen the protective skin barrier to avoid moisture loss and improve the skin’s moisture retention capacity.

– It’s rich in vital nutrients and natural ingredients that provide anti-aging care by removing dead skin cells, enhancing new skin cell regeneration, and regulating melanin production.

– The Mask’s thick texture makes it more adhesive and enhances blissful absorption deep into the skin layers.


It helps:

– Skin dryness

– Skin dullness

– Moisture lock-up function

– Exfoliation

– Anti-aging care 

– Pores

    PDC Wafood Made Face Mask

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