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细胞再生焕彩眼膜 30ml

功效:黑眼圈 - 眼袋 - 皱纹:三重眼部岁月痕迹, 一步到位清除。独特凝胶质地, 融合30种活性成分,激活皮下细胞,促进血液微循环并刺激黑色素沉淀及 浮肿区域;吸收下眼睑上积累已久的脂肪,重新激活淋巴系统。舒缓眼 周,提拉紧致:为肌肤表皮补充水分。激活细胞自由的再生机制。帮助 填平细纹,对抗眼周衰老。

长期使用可明显改善眼周环境,使用3至5次使用后就可以明显看出眼周 的变化,减缓疲劳和明显的岁月痕迹,眼部重现前所未有的青春光采

使用说明:涂抹于彻底干燥洁净的眼周部位。足量涂抹于整个眼眶部位 (上下眼睑以 及褶皱区域)。静候10分钟, 使用温水冲洗, 或仅擦除多余剂量。每周使用 二到三次。建议搭配同系列眼霜使用,效果更佳。


Renewing Gel Mask-Eye 30ml

  • 30 active ingredients are brought together in an unprecedented gel texture to restore the youthful appearance of the eyes in just a few applications.
  • Reduces signs of fatigue and advanced aging.
  • The eyes are lit up with a new youthfulness.



  • Use on a perfectly cleansed and dry eye contour area.
  • Apply generously over the entire periorbital surface (upper and lower eyelids, as well as to the frown lines).
  • Leave for 10 minutes and rinse off with lukewarm water or just remove any excess product.

Nescens-Renewing Gel Mask-Eye 30ml

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