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日用细胞再生面乳 30ml

中和肌肤细胞的自然衰老和紫外光伤害的老化问题,并促进细胞外基质的更新。恢复肌肤组织,重建主要年轻的肤质能力:柔软,密实和紧致。 皱纹不太明显, 肌肤表面看起来更光滑。 肤色看起来更容光焕发。



于早晨以平滑动作涂抹于清洁肌肤(脸部和颈部)上,注意避开眼睛轮廓区域。 最后轻拍一下,以帮助药妆品渗透。 与夜用细胞更新面乳,结合使用时,能发 挥得更有效。


Molecular Regeneration Emulsion Day 30ml

Cosmeceutical benefits:
- Helps neutralize the processes of glycation and oxidation to restore optimal cellular function and prevent hardening of collagen and elastin fibers.
- Reduces the activity of metalloproteases, enzymes involved in the breakdown and fragmentation of structural proteins, which prevent the formation of fractures in the tissue support architecture, at the origin of wrinkles.
- Increases the resistance of the skin to UV radiation, helping to limit the photo-aging process.
- Participates in the renewal of macromolecules in the extracellular matrix, promoting firmness and tissue density.
- Helps to limit tissue inflammation caused by exogenous and endogenous attacks.
- Offers intensive and lasting hydration thanks to the inclusion of hydrating agents with a gradual effect.
- Nourishes the skin by providing bio-identical lipids (similar to lipids naturally synthesized in the epidermis).


Use Molecular Regeneration Emulsion Day every morning, on well-cleaned skin after serum or on its own.

Nescens-Molecular Regeneration Emulsion-Day

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