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面部干细胞活肤精华 30ml


当细胞的端粒达到临界长度时,便会进入生物衰老过程。只有端粒酶才 能合成新细胞生长,从而避免每个分裂周期减少端粒。然而,这种酶复 合物仅存在于干细胞中,并且其活性随着年龄增加而降低。因此,干细 胞逐渐丧失其再生组织的能力,使衰老细胞呈现出对皮肤组织产生负面 影响,导致皮肤老化; 这些改变包括细胞外基质合成的变化,以及胶原蛋 白等的破坏与炎症的增加。

Nescens面部干细胞活肤精华具备针对性的激活功效, 促进新细胞生长, 优 化表皮再生能力。Nescens (妮尚希) 得以再造皮肤青春表现所必需具备 的理想条件:紧致、细密、光滑、光泽、水润、均匀。肌肤犹如新生, 由 内而外更加丰盈, 恢复青春。

使用说明: 早晚适宜, 在整个面部和颈部涂抹数滴精华,于Nescens修护系列前使用。



Activator Serum Stem Cells 

Latest generation face serum that increases the regenerative power of stem cells in the epidermis. This targeted activation brings life to new cells, optimizing epidermal regeneration and providing a healthy appearance to the skin.

- Accelerated cell renewal: + 20% from the first month.
- Increased dermal + epidermal density: 82% of users from the first month.
- Wrinkle reduction.

As part of Nescens' cosmeceutical plan, the Activator Serum Stem Cells is designed to be used, morning and night, after cleansing and applying the tonic.

Nescens-Activator Serum Stem Cells 30ml

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