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My Burberry Blush我的博柏利花之绯香水

隆重呈献「My Burberry Blush 我的博柏利花之绯」全新女士香氛,释放清新明快的花果香调,悦然演绎自信迷人的女性形象。第一缕晨光轻柔唤醒睡梦中的伦敦花园,繁盛花朵渐渐绽放出活力生机。「My Burberry Blush 花之绯」香水从中汲取灵感,淋漓诠释出盛景之下的迷人芬芳。 全新香氛由调香大师 Francis Kurkdjian 倾力打造。甜蜜石榴香与清新柠檬香开启活力前调,随后以清甜苹果香烘托雅致玫瑰花瓣香构成醉人中调,最后由茉莉花香与紫藤花香缓缓收就,诠释出富有女性气息的迷人芬芳。 香水瓶身选用粉红色调营造出精致优雅的柔美气质,呼应全新香水所传递出的自信与活力。瓶颈处装饰棉质嘎巴甸手工结饰,搭配灵感源自品牌经典 Trench 风衣纽扣的牛角质感浅色瓶盖,彰显 Burberry 香氛的标志性设计元素。


Introducing My Burberry Blush, a fruity floral Eau de Parfum with a sparkling twist. Stepping back into a London garden awakening in the first light of day, My Burberry Blush captures the senses as blossoming flowers pop with spirited energy. Created by perfumer Francis Kurkdjian, the fragrance opens with glazed pomegranate and vibrant lemon. Delicate rose petal notes are lifted with crisp apple, while a base of jasmine and wisteria round off the scent for an intensely feminine touch. The bottle is enlivened with a feminine and sophisticated pink hue, reflecting the confident and spirited character of the fragrance. Its signature design details remain with a horn-look lid, inspired by the buttons of the Burberry trench coat, and a hand-tied gabardine knot around the neck of the bottle. 

My Burberry Blush Eau de Parfum

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