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蜜浓 - 保湿化妆水Ⅰ

软化角蛋白和旧皮肤,为皮肤吸收水分提供基础。 它可以调节皮肤质地,使您的皮肤感觉湿润柔软。 推荐给那些想要保持水分而不黏腻的人。








MINON - AminoMoist MLb Moist Charge Lotion I Moist-Type

  • Softens keratin and old skin to prepare the skin’s base to absorb the moisture.
  • It adjusts the skin texture and leaves your skin feeling moist and soft.
  • Recommended to those who like to keep moisture without the stickiness.



1. After washing your face, pump out a suitable amount (3-5 squirts) into your clean palm.
2. Gently spread the foam evenly over the entire face.
*When using for the first time, push down on the pump several times until the contents start coming out.
*When contents are difficult to expel, change the direction of the pump and push down on it several times.

MINON - AminoMoist MLb Moist Charge Lotion I Moist-Type

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