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Lion 狮王Clinica酵素清洁牙膏 - 清新薄荷

● CLINICA的独特成分「酵素」将牙垢分解、除去,且抑制牙垢附著在牙齿表面。
● 氟素可提高牙齿的抗酸能力。
● 分解牙齿各个角落的隐藏牙垢,让您的牙齿体验彻底的清洁


High adhesion fluoride formula toothpaste helps medicinal fluoride remain in the mouth long after brushing

1.Lion’s proprietary high adhesion fluoride formula helps fluoride remain on the surface of teeth long after brushing
2.Formulated with dextranase enzyme to break down and remove plaque

Lion CLINICA Toothpaste-Fresh Mint

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