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  • Why we love it

    This product gives you the best tone-up with the right colors at any occasions.
    This product is an upgraded Premium Skin Veil Base which is the No.1 premium makeup base product (based on China's Kantar World Panel 20, 2Q) that is sold every 5 seconds (based on domestic TR performance in 21 years).
    Protects skin from sunlight with SPF 28 PA ++.
    This product creates good skin texture with sophisticated skin tone correction, advanced pigment, and powder processing technology using more than 15 years of yellow skin tone research data.
    This product lasts for 12 hours with bright makeup, skin texture cover, and oil control effects.
    This product protects the skin from the external environment by filtering dust through anti-pollution skin barrier protection with stronger ultrafine dust blocking effects.
    Showed high User satisfaction survey results with 93.3% in yellow skin tone-correction, 93.3% tone-up and covered dullness, and 86.6% soft and uniform product.
    After the skin care, apply sunblock and then apply the skin veil base to complete moist tone-up skin.
    After applying the skin veil base, the clear neo cushion gives a natural finish as if it were your skin.
    After applying the skin veil base, you can feel the increased coverage and long-lasting durability with Neo Foundation.
    After applying the skin veil base and cushion or foundation, finish with neo powder or light fit powder to complete the strong-matte makeup with no greasiness.
    It enables bright & glowing skin that is fresh as your own skin.
    It instantly creates bright and lively skin in any skin condition and in any situation.
    This product offers healthy, shiny, and glow skin texture with the technology of LANEIGE, a 15-year-old base makeup product expert, and a light and refreshing brightening effect, covering yellow and redness of the skin with a comfortable texture.


How to use

1. Apply this product after skincare routine and before applying foundation/cushion.
2. Pump this product once and spread it on your forehead, cheek, and chin to absorb it well onto the skin.
Apply it only to the skin.


NO.40 Pure Violet: Suitable for dull, tired, lifeless skin.
No.60 Mint Green: Suitable for dry, red troubled skin.


兰芝隔离 素颜神器 是大家常年日常回购的一款妆前乳



      LANEIGE Skin Veil Base EX SPF28 PA++

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