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兰蔻 清滢柔肤水 粉水

兰蔻 粉水 清滢柔肤水,适用于干性肌肤,乳状质地,稠而不粘,清爽不油,补水保湿,温和舒缓,结合棉片深层清洁肌肤。内含蜂蜜,甜扁桃等深入滋养,肌肤由内向外水润细嫩。玫瑰提取物帮助提亮肤色,令肌肤通透润泽。酵母提取物,玻尿酸等成分有效保湿,让肌肤牢牢锁住水分。


A silky, soothing and moisturizing toner that gently purifies and rehydrates dry skin and sensitive skin.

Lancome Tonique Confort Re-Hydrating Comforting Toner

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