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海蓝之谜 鎏金焕颜精华眼霜

蕴含品牌灵魂成分,— 神奇活性精萃 Miracle Broth™,,修护能量。一触沁融于肤,释放奢润滋养,抚褪皱纹及各种深邃表情纹。匠心的鎏金焕颜海石按摩仪,安抚舒缓,加倍奢宠眼周。



每天两次,用无名指取少量本品涂抹在存在表情纹的部位,例如笑纹和抬头纹。 使用按摩工具使其平顺,并促进微循环。



La Mer -  Genaissance de la Mer The Eye & Expression Cream

This ultra-sumptuous cream with a silky finish helps transcend the appearance of virtually all signs of time. Fine lines and dark circles appear to fade and eyes look less puffy and more lifted. Expression areas look smoother and less lined. With plumping, healing hydration, an ageless transformation unfolds.


Twice daily, apply a small amount using ring finger to eye area and expression areas, such as smile and forehead lines. Use the massage tool for advanced smoothing and increased microcirculation.

La Mer Genaissance de la Mer The Eye & Expression Cream

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