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  • 适用肌肤:所有肤质
  • 产品功效:滋润补水,诱人香气
  • 产品特点:限量版香薰护手乳霜。质地轻盈细腻,无油腻感,快速渗入肌肤。富含乳木果,维他命E和法国芍药萃取物,滋润手部肌肤。带有优雅花香,显著提神。使用后手部肌肤更加柔滑舒适。


Pivoine Flora Hand Cream

Ideal for

  • Moisturizing hands
  • Softening hands
  • Lightly perfuming hands


Just like a caress of a peony petal, this hand cream helps to soften the skin and nourish it thanks to shea butter.It envelops the hands with a green floral scent inspired by a blooming peony.Contains a peony extract from Drôme (France).

        L'Occitane Pivoine Flora Hand Cream

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