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Joico K-Pak 生物活发发膜

用 Joico K-Pak 生物活发护理 (150ml) 滋养您的秀发,令秀发充满活力。 其配方中含有角蛋白肽复合物,滋润干燥受损的秀发,强健发丝,让秀发柔软丰盈。

发丝坚韧性将提高两倍,防褪色能力提高 94%。 可修复多年受损的发丝,并保护您的缕缕秀发免受因热力造型和环境侵害因素而造成的损伤。 让您拥有粗壮健康而充满活力的秀发。

  • 将其涂抹在清洁湿润的头发上
  • 让其在发丝上停留 3-5 分钟。
  • 彻底冲洗



K-PAK RevitaLuxe Bio-Advanced Restorative Treatment

A luxurious restorative treatment that corrects years of damage while protecting against future damage. Keratin Peptide Complex delivers more than 2 times more resistance to breakage while protecting against color fade by 94%. Your hair will become dramatically stronger, softer, shinier and more moisturized with each application.

    Joico K-PAK RevitaLuxe Bio-Advanced Restorative Treatment

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