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吉米·周 同名男士 Jimmy Choo Man, 2014

气味:粉红胡椒 菠萝 香瓜 薰衣草 绒面革 广藿香
调香师:Anne Flipo
标签:甜 果香 浓郁 麝香 皮革 清新


Jimmy Choo品牌发布了首款男士香氛——Jimmy Choo Man 男士淡香水。此款香水拓展了Jimmy Choo品牌的生活时尚领域,它具有两个明显的特征,香水瓶的外观透着摇滚叛逆、神秘性感的气息,由烟熏玻璃、镀铬金属和立体仿蛇皮材料组成;而它带来的气息是清新充满活力的,其中在前调中添加的薰衣草能够带给你情绪上的舒缓和安抚。香水瓶的设计灵感来自一只古董小酒壶,除了展现传统气息,更在设计中渗入一丝摇滚叛逆气息。型格的镀铬金属效果与性感迷人的灰色韵调融合在一起。香水瓶外形极具建筑气息,让人们感受它那与生俱来的男性气息,以及强烈而清晰的线条感,还有对细节的关注。


Jimmy Choo MAN is the first fragrance for men from Jimmy Choo. A powerfully fresh and modern fragrance created for a confident and refined man with a rebellious spirit, it captures the independent attitude of the dynamic and urban Jimmy Choo man.

The fragrance opens with the crisp vivacity of mandarin and citrus notes tempered with calming lavender and the subtle sweetness of honeydew melon. Vibrant notes of geranium accompany pineapple leaf and blend harmoniously on the skin with the heady aroma of rare patchouli. At the base, notes of warm, amber-based wood are blended to form a signature fragrance that is distinctive and alluring.

The packaging was inspired by an antique hip flask with an edge of rock 'n' roll rebellion. The smoky glass bottle instills the fragrance with a sense of mysterious sensuality, perfect for a sophisticated and masculine man.

Lavender, Honeydew Melon, Pineapple Leaf, Pink Pepper, Patchouli, Suede.
Sophisticated. Refined. Modern.

      Jimmy Choo Man Eau de Toilette for Men

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