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菲拉格慕梦幻天堂淡香水显然是期望给你插上梦幻的翅膀,直接飞去美妙的天堂。在梦的世界里,任何想象都可能变为真实,这显然是一个小女孩的梦,粉色的基调充满着浪漫的气息,各种花草动物勾勒出一个童话世界,仿佛置身于天堂般的惬意和美好,令她沉迷于梦幻世界,不愿醒来。 Ferragamo品牌的香水都仿佛是彩色梦想的载体,将一个个美梦浓缩在香水瓶中,带领你进入迷幻的世界。 葡萄柚和苹果构成的果香前调,为梦幻之旅开启了清新迷人的大门,门后有茶的清香、木槿的清新、芍药的优雅和杏仁的温润,渐渐地,复杂的香味渐渐弥散开来,紫罗兰和鸢尾的花香气息被完美诠释,为这次梦幻之旅画上圆满的句号。浑身的香气还未消散,刚刚的那场旅行是虚幻的,却又那样真实可感。


Incanto Heaven Perfume by Salvatore Ferragamo, Launched in 2007, this bright, youthful fragrance, Incanto Heaven is nothing short of divine. It opens with a tangy trio of notes: grapefruit, apple, and sering flowers. In the middle is a fruity, floral mix of apricot, peony, and hibiscus. Its foundation is an elegant collaboration between iris root, violet, and musk. This fragrance is perfect for a day at the office or a blissful trip to the beach. It comes packaged in a playful, patterned pink bottle with a large purple stopper that evokes an expertly tied bow.

Incanto Heaven by Ferragamo Eau de Toilette

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