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池田模范堂 无比滴 儿童蚊虫叮咬止痒液

池田模范堂 儿童无比滴(湿疹/虫咬/热痱三效合一)宝宝出生3个月以后即可使用,多重作用:对宝宝的奶癣、湿疹皮炎、蚊虫盯咬后的止痒去印、热痱等,都有很好的效果。自然清凉感,让发痒的患处皮肤立即感觉舒适。不含激素,与肌肤相似的弱酸性,无色素,无香料,敏感皮肤亦可使用。


Ikeda Mohando Muhi Baby

Liquid Muhi is developed according to the characteristics of your child's skin and itching characteristics, It combines quick action and gentleness to the skin, it is a liquid type itch stop.

Children's skin, compared with adults, prevents breeding and intrusion of germs, weakly acidic sebum membranes Formation is not enough. Liquid Muhiebee has the same weakly acidic preparation as healthy skin So, without sacrificing the defense function of your child's skin with weakly acidic sebum film, Keep it healthy.

Ikeda Mohando Muhi Baby

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