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一座宁静的花园,引人入胜且清心宁神,蝴蝶姜花的清新混合着冷香料的自发辛香。 “季风雨之后,大自然平静地萌发新生。”让-克洛德·埃莱纳(Jean-Claude Ellena) “印度花园”香水探索印度的独特面貌。季风雨以甘霖滋养土地,赶走干旱炎热的气息。这款由生姜、豆蔻、芫荽、胡椒和香根草构成的香氛小说,描绘出喀拉拉邦雨后景致,娓娓讲述大地新生的故事。 花园系列香水以嗅觉探索品牌标志性主题,见证爱马仕精神、灵感之所与调香大师精神的邂逅。


A garden of serenity, striking yet soothing, where the freshness of Kahili ginger mingles with cool spices. Un Jardin après la Mousson explores unexpected aspects of India, when the monsoon gives back what the sun has taken from the earth, and drives away the scorching breath of drought. In this novella, ginger, cardamom, coriander, pepper and vetiver tell the story of nature’s rebirth, captured in Kerala in a world overflowing with water. Olfactory strolls through the different annual themes of the house, the Les Jardins fragrances attest to genuine encounters between the Hermès spirit, the soul of a place and the perfumer-composer. 

Hermes Un Jardin apres la Mousson Eau de Toilette

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