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HABA「鲨烯美肌清油 II」


具有以下特点: 独有超微鲨烯分子,即时修复受损细胞及锁紧水分,将活肤成分导入肌底。 只需一滴,就能重塑肌肤天然保护屏障,提升细胞含氧量,由肌底绽放透亮健康光采。 鲨烯 4 大活肤机能: 长效锁水丶深层储水 高效带氧,注入再生活力 带动养分渗透至肌底,倍效其他护肤品的功效 提升抵御力,修复受损细胞,柔化肌肤


HABA Pure Roots Squalane

Supreme beauty oil to keep skin healthy, restore skin from damages and give skin a beautiful glow. It's a weightless oil to be absorbed into skin immediately.

HABA Pure Roots Squalane

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