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  • 适用肌肤:所有肤质
  • 产品功效:重塑,提升肤质
  • 产品特点:奢华的修复睡眠面膜,具有独特的水凝胶质地,迅速溶解到皮肤。含有从抗氧化的紫丁香细胞培养物中提取的抗污染复合物,对抗日常污染和外界环境的侵害。与Prodew成分混合,锁住肌肤天然水分。注入PHA 和月见草油增强皮肤防护功能,皮肤显得更柔软,更光滑,感觉更舒适


  • Innovative overnight moisture mask
  • Lightweight, non-greasy texture
  • Strengthens the lipid barrier
  • Perfect during the colder months

Designed to act as an overnight mask, treat parched skin to the new Deep Hydration Treatment from Exuviance.

This innovative product has a light water-gel texture that melts into the skin over a period of hours, infusing the surface and lower layers with specialist ingredient Prodew®, which is packed with vital Amino Acids, to help restore the skin’s moisture reserves overnight. Added Evening Primrose Oil and PHAs strengthen and support the lipid barrier, effectively limiting moisture loss, while an antioxidant complex combats damage caused by pollution and environmental stressors. Expect skin to feel smoother, plumper and more comfortable after every application.

Suitable for most skin types, especially dry and dehydrated skins, massage into clean skin in the evening and leave for around 5 minutes to sink in. Follow with a moisturiser if required. Can be used 2-3 times a week or as and when required.

Exuviance Deep Hydration Treatment

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