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专研多元防晒乳液SPF 45

保护肌肤对抗UVA和UVB,中和室内和室外的污染(例如:臭氧、微尘粒/PM2.5和红外线, 强化肌肤水份屏障


Perfectionist Pro

Multi-Defense UV Fluid SPF 45 with 8 Anti-Oxidants


Our next-generation protection, made with 100% mineral-based sunscreen.
Professionally inspired treatment helps safeguard the healthy beauty of your skin with a holistic 3-in-1 approach, fighting the visible effects of indoor and outdoor environmental assaults

Estee Lauder Perfectionist Pro Multi-Defense UV Fluid SPF 45

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    • UVA/UVB Broad Spectrum Defense in a smooth, lightweight fluid. This patent-pending formula, also featuring Tiger Lily Extract, helps fight damage to elastin to support naturally firm, bouncy skin.
    • Pollution Defense: A precise combination of anti-oxidants helps fight visible damage from indoor/outdoor pollution, including ozone and micro-dust. The carefully crafted, self-renewing blend includes Tiger Lily Extract, Green Tea, Vitamins C and E, Resveratrol and more.
    • Dehydration Defense: Advanced barrier fortifiers help skin seal in moisture and help strengthen it against infrared (IR) and other environmental assaults. This can also help prevent dehydration, including from causes such as heating and air conditioning.

    Blends smoothly and rapidly into skin. Shake to activate the beautifully lightweight fluid. Oil-free. Non-sticky. Won't clog pores.

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