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城野医生  EGF修护精华原液 



- 修复表皮促进受损表皮的修复与再生,对烧伤、烫伤、光疗、等多种表皮创伤的修复的功效十分显著。

- 抗皱除皱EGF能促进表皮细胞组织内多种细胞的生长分裂,使表皮细胞变得饱满;它还可以促使胶原蛋白生长能力,修复老化断裂的胶原弹性纤维。


- 收缩毛孔促进皮下胶原蛋白合成,增加皮肤弹性,从而促使毛孔收缩,并使肌肤具有青春活力。

- 改变皮肤中新老细胞的比例,降低了皮肤中黑过色素和有色细胞含量,使面部的色斑逐渐淡化、消失。

- 促进细胞外透明质酸、粘多糖等合成和分泌,维持真皮内的水分,使表皮内角质层水分保持能力增强,让肌肤滋润散发活力。

- 温和配方,眼部同样适用,补水去干纹去眼纹,在眼霜之前打底使用,让眼霜更好发挥效果。





Dr.Ci:Labo - EGF Special Super 100 Series

Anti-aging serum is made with a high concentration of Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) which helps diminish newly-developing wrinkles and maintain skin elasticity. Use this serum to brighten dull skin, tighten pores and fade acne scars. Made without perfumes, coloring or mineral oil.

  • Beauty industry attention ingredients, as soon as they appear in the Super 100 series.
  • It brings out the essential power of skin that decreases with age and leads to youthful skin full of moisture.
  • It is a rich essence unique to the Super 100 series, you can use it luxuriously.
  • When using, be sure to use for 10ml dedicated eyedropper (sold separately).


How to use:

  • The Super 100 series can freely combine the ingredients necessary for your own skin according to the changing condition of the skin day by day.
  • Medicinal Aqua Collagen Gel Super Moisture, etc.
  • Just combine several drops of Super 100 series together when using your cosmetics.
  • You can make original cosmetics that suits your skin troubles with a custom made sense.
  • Usage: 1-2 drops.

Dr.Ci:Labo - EGF Special Super 100 Series

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