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唐娜·凯伦 欲望

Donna Karan DKNY Be Desired, 2015

前调:葡萄柚 橙子 黑加仑 紫罗兰叶
中调:玫瑰 茉莉 醋栗叶 洋槐
后调:雪松 开司米木 琥珀木
标签:柑橘 白色花 木香 果香 水生 绿叶

依旧保有萃取出甜美果汁香气的魅力,以香气来代表了纽约这颗大苹果,不同于「Be Delicious」的是「Be Desired」中加入了浪漫的花香味,让小花茉莉及土耳其玫瑰帮香氛注入不同的生命力,与活泼的葡萄柚、酸酸甜甜的黑加仑,以及紫罗兰叶的香气一同搭衬出多元的层次感,更丰富了这个新款的「Be Desired」渴望苹果淡香精。


With the new fragrance of the DKNY Be Delicious collection, DKNY Be Desired, Donna Karan invites you to step into an urban garden. DKNY Be Desired is announced as a fresh, lush, wet and addictive scent of a modern Eve. The top notes include orange, black currant, violet leaf and iced grapefruit. The heart consists of acacia flower, cassis absolute, Asian jasmine and Turkish rose. Cedar, cashmere and amber wood end the composition.

Donna Karan DKNY Be Desired Eau de Parfum

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