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信仰 原始香根草

Creed Original Vetiver, 2004

前调:橘子 生姜 香柠檬
中调:鸢尾花 香根草 檀香木
后调:麝香 龙涎香
调香师:Olivier Creed Sixth Generation, Erwin Creed Seventh Generation
标签:木香 柑橘 浓郁 清新辛辣 绿叶



Unlike other vetiver offerings, The House of Creed uses both the leaves and the roots, providing a new and unique interpretation of this mythical ingredient. A green and fresh masculine scent, Original Vetiver Eau de Parfum also retains the earthy and leathery characteristics of the complete vetiver plant. A truly contemporary interpretation of a men’s fragrance classic. 

Creed Original Vetiver Eau de Parfum

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