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信仰 原始檀香

Creed Original Santal, 2005

前调:芫荽 杜松子 肉桂 檀香木
中调:迷迭香 生姜 薰衣草 苦橙叶
后调:零陵香豆 香草
调香师:Olivier Creed Sixth Generation, Erwin Creed Seventh Generation
标签:浓郁 清新辛辣 木香 温暖辛辣 树脂



Spicy, sensual and effortlessly indulgent, Original Santal Eau de Parfum is a uniquely complex scent, designed to turn heads and leave a lasting impression. Inspired by the opulence of India, this fragrance is both warm and luxurious, evoking the tranquility and spirit of the majestic landmarks and sense-tingling aromas that this infamous Asian region has to offer. Combining woody and oriental notes of Mysore sandalwood, warming ginger, fiery cinnamon, oriental vanilla, benzoin and Tonka bean, this robust perfume is the ideal night time temptation. 

Creed Original Santal Eau de Parfum

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