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肌肤之钥 控油精华液



    • 我们的传奇成分“紫水”融合全新Surface Refining Complex EX,带来更加强大的焕采效果。
    • 质感细腻凉爽,控油效果立竿见影,消除干燥和粗糙,24小时持续补水不黏腻。
    • 吸收分泌旺盛的皮脂并能够通过溶解污垢减少粗大毛孔,持续使用可令肌肤焕然新生。
    • 双重配方具有Serum Absorption Powder立竿见影的功效以及Surface Refining Complex EX缩小毛孔的预防性功效。
    • 令彩妆描画顺畅、妆效持久,肌肤全天保持清爽。
    • 含有抗氧化剂成分。
    • 88%感到清新凉爽
    • 涂抹之80%感到肌肤变得光滑并能保持光滑
    • 83%感到毛孔缩小,清新控油功效让肌肤全天保持无油光



Mattifying, smoothing facial essence. Diminish visible pores and absorb excess oil with the unique essence infused with powder.


    • Our legendary “purple water” is enhanced with new Surface Refining Complex EX for more powerful skin polishing results.
    • Instantly mattifies with a delicate cooling sensation, improves the look of dryness and roughness, and hydrates for 24 hours without stickiness.
    • Helps to absorb excess sebum and reduce visible pores by dissolving impurities, resulting in a renewed appearance with continued use.
    • Biphase formula provides the immediate benefits of Serum Absorption Powder and the preventative benefits of pore-refining Surface Refining Complex EX.
    • Improves the application and wear of makeup and keeps skin feeling fresh throughout the day.
    • Contains antioxidant ingredients.
      • Immediately upon application
      • 88% felt a refreshingly cool sensation
      • In one day
      • 80% felt their skin had become and remained smoothIn two weeks
      • 83% felt it delivers a feeling of tightened pores and promotes a fresh matte texture without shine throughout the day In four weeks

Cle De Peau Beaute Essential Refining Essence

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