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卡尔文·克莱恩Calvin Klein的CK One收藏版


卡尔文·克莱恩Calvin Klein在1995年推出的CK ONE是一款标志性的柑橘芳香中性香水,现在它迎来了一款新的收藏版,这是为欢庆即将到来的假期的节日气氛而推出的。

正如Calvin Klein所宣布的那样:“ CK One Collector's Edition 2019具有令人愉悦的节日气息,它以CK One的标志性气息为基础。各色多变的七彩芳香(闪耀,新鲜的苦味,与充满活力的木质气息和令人上瘾的芳香结合在一起)独特且易于穿着。新的麝香和木质的温暖被注入了标志性的清新之中,散发出令人愉悦的质感。标志性的CK One香水瓶采用了哑光白色的新设计,并饰有集灵感于经典的美国棉被的印花,是极具象征的对我们是谁的点头致意:个体拼凑而成,不同但又被我们共同的梦想团结在一起。”


A positive and festive fragrance, ck one COLLECTOR'S EDITION 2019 builds upon ck one's iconic foundation. The combination of varying colorful notes - radiant, fresh bitterness paired with vibrant woods and addictive aromatics - is unique and easy-to-wear. New musk and woody warmth layers over signature freshness for a textured scent that inspires comfort. The iconic ck one bottle is reimagined in matte white with a classic American quilt-inspired print, a symbolic nod to who we are: a patchwork of individuals, different but united by our shared dreams.

            CK One Collector's Edition by Calvin Klein EDT Spray

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