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Calvin Klein(卡尔文·克莱恩)在2017年2月推出了CK All香水,以继续它的新鲜中性香水传统。 CK All不是一款限量版香水,它是CK香水的第三款主打香。这是继传奇般的来自1994年的CK One和1996推出的CK Be之后上市的。这款香水的口号是:“Be One. Be All. Just Be. ” CK All是一款清爽的香味,以包括橘子在内的柑橘类植物香味开始。香水的中调包括柑橘类植物花朵,和Paradisone分子,即带有茉莉气息、比天荠菜精更为浓烈的香气。基调是温暖而东方的气息,带来一丝琥珀味。


ck all is bold, inclusive and expressive. An invitation to defy conformity and limitations, designed to be worn by all. A universally appealing clean scent that offers an olfactive blank canvas to celebrate the individual while acting as a form of self-expression and rebellion. Maintaining the original citrusy green tea signature, ck all is enhanced through paradisone and the warm embrace of ambrox and hivernal. An echo of the iconic flask-shaped bottle made over in bright white to communicate the clean, universal appeal of ck all. Still a fresh, modern expression of a classic. top notes: citrusy green tea mid notes: paradisone end notes: ambrox and hivernal

CK All Eau de Toilette

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