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CELLCOSMET Cellultra Eye Serum-XT 瑞妍 眼部活力重建精华

这款精华是瑞妍研究几年才推出的新产品 医用级别材质的按摩头,金属斜面设计更贴合肌肤!更好的帮助精华的吸收,快速消除眼部浮肿!配合眼霜使用更有效的祛除眼纹,眼袋,黑眼圈,提拉紧致改善眼部松弛问题。含11%稳定活细胞及复合精华,滋润不厚重很好吸收不搓泥。主要成分:益生菌减少黑眼圈形成/绿茶抗氧化性/石榴平滑收紧肌肤/海洋蜉蝣生物提取物:促进皮肤血红素的产生  一支解决眼部所有问题



CELLCOSMET Cellultra Eye Serum-XT

Protect, defend, and improve elasticity around the delicate eye contour area. Carefully selected cellular active ingredients combined with the revitalizing and cooling applicator nozzle offer increased massaging benefits that significantly repair wrinkles, reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffy eyelids, while lifting, firming and brightening the under eye area for a more luminous rested, and youthful look. 0.53 oz. Imported.

Cellcosmet Cellultra Eye Serum-XT

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