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卡地亚 虏获香吻玫瑰 Cartier Baiser Vole Lys Rose, 2014

气味:百合 树莓
调香师:Mathilde Laurent
标签:白色花 甜 果香 柔和辛辣 动物 木香

Baiser Volé赖氨酸玫瑰 淡香水 从 Cartier 是一个香水, 留下了挥之不去的踪迹。百合的每一个, 一朵纯洁的女性气质, 是第一次探索。激情的花朵, 充满强烈的情感。对于 Baiser Volé赖氨酸玫瑰, 盛开的粉红色百合结晶的花瓣与覆盆子的微妙接触, 以增强粉状和微妙的香调 Baiser Volé。


Cartier launches Baiser Vole Lys Rose in summer 2014, a new version of the original Baiser Vole from 2011. Other editions of this collection include Baiser Vole Eau de Toilette from 2012, Baiser Vole Extrait de Parfum from 2012, Baiser Vole Shimmering Eau de Parfum from 2012 and Baiser Vole Essence de Parfum from 2013. Mathilde Laurent also signs the new release. The perfume, like all of the collection, is centered on notes of lily and its various aspects. This time, the lily is pink and enrich with aromas of raspberry, which emphasizes powdery and delicate character of the original. The aroma is fresher and sweeter than its predecessor is.

Cartier Baiser Vole Lys Rose Eau de Toilette

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