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凯文克莱 喜欢你男士 Calvin Klein CK IN2U for Him, 2007


前调:柠檬 番茄叶
后调:香根草 雪松 麝香
调香师:Bruno Jovanovic, Jean-Marc Chaillan, Loc Dong, Carlos Benaim
标签:浓郁 可可豆 柑橘 木香 温暖辛辣


ck IN2U所要表达的是,科技让我们不管身在世界任何角落,都能恣意的随时联系任何一个人,同时激荡出新世代全新的两性革命!ck IN2U淡香水的瓶身设计结合了创意的瓶身轮廓。ck IN2U承袭ck one的简洁与实用设计,时尚的瓶身设计融合数字时代的概念。给她与他的男女对香,表现出艺术型式、功能与自发性。他们性格是如此简单、却又时刻充满惊喜。白色软塑料包覆着厚实的玻璃瓶,圆柱状的瓶身巧妙地搭配尖细的瓶颈。ck IN2U的字体刻划,让香水的色泽能随着光线移动透映出光芒。瓶底基座则以烟熏蓝灰色的男香,对映着淡金色的女香。至于外观包装的部分,ck IN2U淡香水的包装外盒的金属光泽,增添前卫摩登气息。ck IN2U的logo在男女香水外盒侧边一上一下的巧妙呈现,代表着阴、阳的分界。写实、创意、展露!


Give your senses a lemony blast with the very vibrant Calvin Klein CK IN2U Eau De Toilette that mellows down to a pleasing aroma. Launched in 2007, this masculine fragrance brings citrusy scents alive on a woody base. Iced Tangelo, Gin Fizz and Pomelo Leaf rule the top while the delicious heart is composed of Cocoa, Shiso Leaf and Pimento. The dry down is sweet and musky with the soft whiff of White Cedarwood, Vetiver and Musk. CK IN2U wipes away all blues and lets you embrace happiness with open arms.

    Calvin Klein CK IN2U for Him

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