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  • 宝格丽 北斗星(金漾) Bvlgari Goldea EDP 香水 - 50ml
  • 宝格丽 北斗星(金漾) Bvlgari Goldea EDP 香水 - 15ml


宝格丽 北斗星(金漾)

Bvlgari Goldea, 2015

前调:麝香 香柠檬 橙花 树莓
中调:依兰 茉莉 麝香
后调:麝香 琥珀 广藿香 纸莎草
调香师:Alberto Morillas
标签:甜 白色花 黄色花 琥珀 木香 麝香

Goldea是对金色的美之女神以及太阳的礼赞。黄金是对照耀地球的太阳光辉的神圣诠释。作为一款独特的Bulgari宝格丽香水,Goldea以其感性的东方香调向多种配方调制的白麝香的丰富嗅觉和细微差别致意。浓郁甜蜜的火花中混合着依兰与橙花的醉人香气,最后,令人迷恋而沉醉的基调,散发出无限光彩。调香大师:Alberto Morillas


This set contains:

- Bvlgari Goldea Eau de Parfum - 50ml

- Bvlgari Goldea Eau de Parfum - 15ml


Composed by Master Perfumer, Alberto Morillas, Goldea is a manifesto of the BVLGARI style, a sumptuous hymn to the radiant white musks long favored by the House. Just as a jeweler sets gemstones, our perfumers "set" each luminous nuance of musk, to create an olfactory echo of magnificent BVLGARI jewels. A floral-oriental, addictive Eau de Parfum with a luminous style that "transforms" sunlight into essence. Like a precious ornament that saturates the skin on contact.

  • Top notes: A radiant overture of solar crystal musk, softened by orange blossom, bergamot absolutes and sun-drenched raspberry
  • Heart notes: A magnificent floral heart of sublime golden musk enfolds voluptuous ylang-ylang, amid a shower of jasmine petals
  • Base notes: A soft-velvet ambery musk, finishing in a trail of golden patchouli and sunny Egyptian papyrus

Bvlgari Goldea Eau de Parfum 2 piece Set

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