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Product Description 


  : Drop the vitamin bomb into skin.

   -10 One of skin tone UP 10% vitamin!

   - Skin tone UP in the nuts extract 10% of vitamin!

   - Sleep Vitamin bomb pack.

  : New concept vitamin bomb sleep pack of 5in1 is I will finish in gorgeous skin during sleep.

  : Essence + Cream + ampoule + vitamins + sleep pack of sleep pack.

  : Vitamin capsules I will give a glow merges gently.

  : Skin irritation test completion Co. Erido

  * 10 one vitamin 10%

   (Vitamin C, vitamin F, vitamin E, vitamin B3, vitamin B5, vitamin B12, vitamin B9, vitamin A, vitamin H, vitamin B6)

   - The human body because there is no function to synthesize their own vitamin, vitamin supply is important.

     Vitamin protects the skin from harmful external environment while play a role to support the smooth activity of skin.

     Since doubles as a prevention soup function stimulation is health essential element of skin.

BRTC Vitalizer Whitening Sleeping Pack 100ml

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