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BioEffect EGF Serum 冰岛生长因子精华

新一代抗衰老精华,能有效让皮肤自己进行细胞修复,从根本上阻止和逆转皮肤衰老,使肌肤保持年轻状态。其主要成分是表皮生长因子(EGF)是一种天然存在于人体皮肤并能加快皮肤内的细胞周转率的物质。细胞活化是對保养和修复皮肤细胞很重要的蛋白质。随着年龄增长,皮肤的自我更新频率较低,开始显得沒以往那麼容光焕发,皱纹继而增加。每天使用的Bioeffect EGF Serum可逆转这一过程,并可以在几星期內带来显著的改善。

Bioeffect Egf Serum Age-defying Serum

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    • he award-winning bestseller BIOEFFECT EGF SERUM is a powerful anti-aging serum, that restores your skin's youthful radiance, minimizes signs of aging and rejuvenates the skin's complexion.

    • Significantly reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
    • Renews, revives, and restores your skin as it moisturizes.
    • How to Use:
      Apply 2-4 drops to the face and neck on clean skin every night. Provides intense repair to your skin while you sleep. No other skin care product is needed. For best results, use BIOEFFECT EGF DAY SERUM each morning.

    • Maximizes radiance and tone.
    • Increases skin thickness.
    • Suitable for all skin types.
    • Contains only 7 ingredients.
    • No preservatives or additives.
    • Fragrance-, alcohol-, and oil-free.
    • Hypoallergenic and cruelty-free.
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