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• 修护晚霜,专为因衰老带来的荷尔蒙变化所影响,出现问题的熟龄肌肤而设。
• 在睡眠中,融合浓缩*肌肽DPTM(Carnosine DPTM)的晚霜,紧实修护日间因环境侵害的受损肌。怡人香气舒缓放松疲惫肌,带来舒适的睡眠时间


Benefiance NutriPerfect Night Cream

SKU: 768614191117
$97.00 Regular Price
$73.00Sale Price
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  • A powerful, protective night cream for mature skin experiencing visible signs of aging such as discoloration and loss of resilience. Helps restore the appearance of firmer skin, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and promotes a look of youthful vitality. Absorbs quickly with long-lasting hydration benefits.

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