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Mario Badescu祛痘专家 极速吸油去黑头粉


深受著名好莱坞影星喜爱,并且在各大网站都备受欢迎的去黑头产品——Mario Badescu速效吸油去黑头粉!它温和无刺激,而且超大瓶,去黑头不反复,还有缩小毛孔的功效


Oil-absorbent powder mask. 

Clarifies and helps draw out impurities.

Effectively reduces greasy T-zone shine.

ario Badescu Silver Powder

SKU: 785364130203
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  • ①吸附多余油脂,可根除黑头,缩小毛孔

    Mario Badescu速效吸油去黑头粉,此款为白色松软细腻的粉末, 性质温和,使用不到1个月,可清除鼻子上90%的黑头。由于黑头是极易再生的,即使鼻子清干净后也请每周定期使用。长期使用不仅可以根除黑头,还能缩小毛孔。一罐可以使用至少半年~


    全线护肤的配方均由世界知名的化妆品科学家及护肤专家Mario Badescu先生所创办,概念及源自他在厨房研究由牛奶、蜜糖、果仁和其他天然成分酿制而成的完美产品。


    Mario Badescu非常注重环保,所有产品包装简洁,均没有外盒和塑封


    Decongest and clarify the T-zone with this powerful, oil-absorbent powder. Minerals like Kaolin clay and Zinc Oxide help purify pores and draw out impurities to reveal a visibly clearer, more refined complexion. 


    For best results, prep skin with an exfoliant prior to using Silver Powder.

    HOW TO USE:  Dip a water-dampened cotton pad into powder—creating a paste-like texture—and press on the T-zone (focusing on the nose and chin area). Wait 10 minutes and remove by wiping off with a toner. To be used 1-2 times a week.

    Do not apply to eye area. If product gets into eyes, rinse well with water.

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