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帕尔玛之水 俱乐部古龙/风度古龙

Acqua di Parma Colonia Club, 2015

前调:香柠檬 柠檬 苦橙叶 橘子 薄荷 橙花油
中调:老鹳草 薰衣草 白松香
后调:龙涎香 麝香 香根草
标签:浓郁 绿叶 清新辛辣 柑橘 花香

科洛尼亚俱乐部 时髦体现了意大利生活方式最现代的一面。理想的礼物为绅士谁体验生活的激情, 并希望沉溺于这种香味的新鲜感随时。



Colonia Club captures bold masculinity and a modern style, inspired by the most exclusive sports clubs in the world. This line is a fresh, timeless classic scent for the stylish, modern gentleman. The art deco bottle and packaging have been designed in a bold green color and remain recognized symbols of Italian elegance and style.

ACQUA DI PARMA Colonia Club Eau de Cologne

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