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Ferragamo全新推出限量梦中彩虹香水,充满纯粹欢愉,和谐与自由的幻想世界,香水挑逗你的感官,引领着你前往Ferragamo创造的神秘天堂。梦中彩虹如此的光芒四射…充满欢愉!相爱能够谁鲜明的花果香气,如彩虹一般。来自于Karine Dubreuil的大师级设计。 前味是馥郁多汁的凤梨、百香果与佛手柑。中味是小仓兰、充满女人味的粉红牡丹交错着葡萄园桃子香。后味为温暖的白雪松木,琥珀及麝香,唤起肌肤被温暖阳光包围所散发的香氛。 香水瓶身的色采就像撷取蔚蓝天空中的一抹彩虹。粉嫩的花朵与蜻蜓呈现出充满阳光的纯粹欢愉。亮紫色Incanto Shine字样穿透瓶身闪耀着,与粉红色瓶盖映出似虹彩般的温和光晕。外盒包装如此的引人入胜,犹如置身天堂般的光彩夺目,耀眼的花朵与蜻蜓…每个细节搭配的如此合谐…


Introduced in 2007, Incanto Shine by the renowned Salvatore Ferragamo brings a colorful blend of fresh passion fruits to the forefront. This designer fragrance taunts your senses with a floral aroma crafted just for the confident, yet subtly sweet woman. Unleash your passion with the citrusy open of this signature scent exuding tangy pineapple and passion fruit. A flowery heart of freesia and delicious peach lead into a woody and warm base of cedar for a strong finish. 

Incanto Shine by Ferragamo Eau de Toilette

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