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HOUSE of ROSE身体保养限定系列,添加红葡萄柚精华、柠檬精华、蜂蜜等滋润成分,可在肌肤表面形成滋润保护膜,长时间维持肌肤润泽度,守护肌肤不干燥,带着蜂蜜般红柚气味,让人打从心底暖活起来!




HOUSE of ROSE -  This lotion is rich in pink grapefruit peel oil (essential oil), grapefruit seed extract, grapefruit extract, grapefruit water (moisturizing ingredient). It offers fresh hydration that permeates throughout your skin. It is also rich in smooth powder to keep your skin smooth and comfortable. Fresh fragrance of juicy pink grapefruit. 
Coloring free, mineral oil free












House of Rose - Jelly Lotion Pink Grapefruit & Lemonade

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