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套装包含 复原蜜50ml+蜜润修护精粹水15ml+抗皱眼霜3ml+修护精华8x0.6ml,黄金复原蜜采用法国黑蜂蜂蜜和皇室特供蜂皇浆,提取其中对于肌肤天然修复的精华,研制成这款紧致修复精华油。质地轻灵如水,滴滴金黄细腻似蜜。随着指尖按摩丝蜜渗入,瞬透吸收,只留一层无形的保护膜,滋宠每一寸肌肤,有效激活肌底紧实动力。使用后,肌肤弹韧饱满,紧实柔软。

This Abeille Royale Oil set contains a complete age-defying programme in a luxurious pouch.

  • Set Includes: Fortifying Lotion with Royal Jelly (15 ml), Multi-Wrinkle Minimizer Eye Cream (3 ml), Youth Watery Oil (50 ml), Double R Renew & Repair Serum (8 x 0.6 ml).
  • How To Use: As the first essential step in the Abeille Royale routine, apply the lotion morning and night on cleansed skin. Pour a few drops of lotion into the palm of your hand and rub your hands together. Apply by patting gently on the face and neck. The skin is perfectly prepared for the next stage of the skincare routine. Apply the Multi-Wrinkle Minimizer Eye Cream morning and/or night on the eye contour area, including the crow's feet and frown lines using the Guerlain exclusive massage technique. Shake the bottle of Youth Watery Oil. Take 2-3 drops of the oil. Apply morning and night to the face and neck before the cream, using the Guerlain exclusive massage technique. Apply the Double R Renew & Repair Serum on the face and the neck morning and night, before the cream. Apply the product with both hands at the same time, starting in the middle of the face and moving outwards from the chin, the nose and the middle of the forehead.
  • Made in France

Guerlain Abeille Royale Age-Defying Oil Set

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