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Color: skin color as picture show.

Size: 1 x 0.1 in.

Please keep eyelid cleaning before using our product to avoid influencing the wearing effect.

This eyelid adhesive is flesh-colored so it blends in with the eyelid.

Our product is breathable, waterproof, naturally 48 hours of permanence, for all skin colors.

Our double eyelid tapes can make your eyes more beautiful and the eyes appear rounder and bigger.

Package includes:

300 pairs (600 units) eyelid stickers

颜色:肤色如图所示。 尺寸:1 x 0.1英寸 使用本产品前,请保持眼睑清洁,以免影响佩戴效果。 这种眼睑胶是肉色的,因此可以与眼睑融合。 我们的产品透气,防水,自然持久48小时,适用于所有肤色。 我们的双眼皮胶带可以使您的眼睛更加美丽,并且眼睛看起来更圆,更大。 包裹包括: 300对(600单位)眼皮贴

Eyelid Tape-600pcs

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