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伊丽莎白雅顿 VC 焕亮小鲜胶


雅顿 VC 焕亮小鲜胶,作为美白精华的它是用古铜色胶囊的形式包装,能很好的保持产品的活性而且也十分卫生便携,还有一点不同的是,它是油溶性的维C配方,相比其他水溶性的维C可以快速渗透到肌肤内里,会有由内而外都焕亮保湿的效果。




Vitamin C Ceramide Capsules Radiance Renewal Serum


Encapsulated for freshness, formulated for maximum potency. This luxurious, lightweight dry oil serum combines two powerhouse ingredients in one capsule: Vitamin C for its brightening superpowers, and ceramides to help prevent moisture loss. Dual-action brightening technology visibly diminishes dullness and fights hyperpigmentation, perking up tired-looking skin and balancing tone. Instant brightening power in every dose.

    Elizabeth Arden Vitamin C Ceramide Capsules Radiance Renewal Serum

    SKU: 085805231934
    PriceFrom $35.10
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    • Benefits:

      • Brightens skin and improves radiance
      • Helps improve the look of uneven skin tone
      • Minimizes the look of dark spots and discoloration
      • Protects against free radical damage that contributes to aging signs
      • Supports skin’s natural collagen and elastin matrix


      3 Reasons to Love Ceramide Capsules:

      • Encapsulation: Sealed to keep active ingredients potent and fresh.
      • Single-Dose Capsules: Pre-measured and portable—takes the guesswork out of skincare.
      • Performance Ingredients: No fillers or fluff. Just powerful ingredients and moisture-boosting ceramides.


      Why Vitamin C:

      • 178X More Potent1: Unlike traditional Vitamin C, ours is more potent because it’s more stable—see visibly brighter skin after one use.
      • Targeted Delivery: The oil in our skin is attracted to our oil-soluble Vitamin C. This phenomenon optimizes the delivery of our Vitamin C to skin’s surface where it’s needed.
      • Two Powerhouses: Vitamin C for skin brightening and ceramides to prevent moisture loss and prolong skin’s glow.
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