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Refreshing aftershave splash that purifies, soothes, and reduces razor burn after shaving.

Clarins Men After Shave Energizer

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  • 清爽焕活的须后水,舒缓并焕活须后肌肤,同时减少剃刀灼伤,并加速愈合小伤口。蕴含马齿苋、积雪草、蓝色高山蓟天然植物精粹,质感清爽,不油腻,净化肌肤,减少不适,令肌肤清爽舒适。蕴含专利Expertise 3P复合素,帮助抵抗污染物与自由基的侵害,全方面保护肌肤。

    • 舒缓并焕活须后肌肤。
    • 减少剃须后的灼热感受
    • 促进细小割伤与划伤的愈合
    • 净化肌肤,迅速缓解不适感
    • 通过安全皮肤科学测试


    This refreshing, invigorating aftershave splash soothes and energizes the skin after shaving, while reducing razor burn and promoting the healing of minor nicks and cuts. Formulated with natural plant extracts of Purslane, Centella, and Blue Alpine Thistle, this highly refreshing, non-sticky formula purifies the skin and reduces irritation, leaving skin feeling refreshed and comfortable. Our exclusive, patented Expertise 3P Complex helps fight the effects of pollution and free radicals for complete skin protection.

    • Soothes and energizes the skin after shaving
    • Reduces razor burn
    • Promotes the healing of minor nicks and cuts
    • Purifies the skin and reduces irritation
    • Dermatologist-tested
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