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碧柔(男士) -  绿色补水控油爽肤水(改善痘痘)

液态半啫哩质地。 非粘性乳液深入渗透到皮肤(角质层)中,并牢固地留在皮肤中,不仅在涂抹后以及外出时都保持湿润和保湿。另外还有消炎成分。减少皮肤刺激,预防粉刺。

- 含有透明质酸(保湿成分)。

- 不含薄荷醇,剃须后皮肤温和。

- 不太可能引起痤疮的处方。








Bioré - Penetration Lotion Acne Care Type

It is an easy-to-use and moisturizing skin lotion.
The non-sticky lotion penetrates deeply into the skin (the stratum corneum) and stays firmly in the skin, so it stays moist and moisturized not only immediately after application but also while you are out. In addition anti-inflammatory ingredients. Reduces skin irritation and prevents acne.

- Contains hyaluronic acid (moisturizing ingredient).

- With no menthol alcohol, it is gentle on the skin after shaving.
- A prescription that is unlikely to cause acne.

- (Noncomedogenic test completed) Allergy tested.



1. use afther cleansing , before applied moisturizer.

2. also use after shaving, as soothing toner.

Bioré - Penetration Lotion Acne Care Type

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