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Treat your skin to this intoxicating facial cleansing oil packed with vitamin and mineral-rich ingredients. 

BareMinerals Oil Obsessed Total Cleansing Oil

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  • 轻盈无重质感,加水后即转化为乳液,可轻易卸除任何面部及眼部彩妆,更不会留下油腻感。除有淨化及重整肌肤效能的矿物海盐 (Mineral-Rich Sea Salts)外,更糅合数种天然植物油:琉璃苣油(Borage Oil)有助柔软及滋养肌肤,其抗氧化效能更可保护肌肤免受环境伤害;青瓜油 (Cucumber Oil)可保持肌肤水嫩弹滑;太阳花油(Sunflower Oil)蕴含丰富维他命及奥米加9,有效滋润肌肤同时促进细胞更新;山桑子油(Bilberry Oil)有效改善肌肤柔滑度。此外,产品糅合薰衣草(Lavender)及橘子(Tangerine)的天然清新香气,有助舒缓压力,让你卸妆时犹如沉醉于水疗中。

    What it is:

    Our Oil Obsessed® Total Cleansing Oil is packed with a luxe blend of bilberry, borage, cucumber and sunflower oils plus mineral-rich sea salts to create a hydrated and nourished complexion. It beautifully glides onto dry skin to gently dissolve impurities and even waterproof makeup. Add a little water and it turns into a weightless, milky emulsion that easily rinses away to reveal smooth, supple skin.

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