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Attenir Total Revitalize Mask (1pc)

Total revitalized mask" incorporates "micro collagen complex" which minimizes collagen molecules to 600 times as much as usual. Because it is extremely small size, collagen slips through the cell and penetrates deep into the skin firmly.

"Amino C complex" "super hyaluronic acid" "ceramide DX" "marine mineral" By maintaining the foundation of refreshed skin filled with good collagen. It is also a big feature that you can concentrate care with mask closing & dense serum. It is a mask that works on skin fatigue with excellent functional ingredients and mechanisms, so you can instantly get back your skin with elasticity.

100% material using only the brush hair taken from natural cotton seeds. So, it is a smooth, gentle touch of fine quality. In addition, the cotton is impregnated with waffle-like sheets, plenty of essence, in the lid. It also fits firmly to the skin without dripping. 

    Attenir Total Revitalize Mask

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